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Jailing is Not Green

The County Council recently had pause at the financial cost of the proposed new jail facility for Whatcom County, and are waiting for more figures to come in to determine whether we as a county can afford for it can … Continue reading

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An Early New Year’s Resolution

Like many folks, I find the change of¬†years a time to contemplate what’s happened and what I hope will come. ¬†Inevitably reviewing the past makes me think about how I want the future to be different, which in turn leads … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics regarding the City of Bellingham Budget, 2014 edition…

The City of Bellingham adopted its budget this week, and Riley Sweeney put out a blog and pie chart (http://sweeneypolitics.com/2014/12/10/a-simple-walkthrough-of-the-city-of-bellingham-budget/) showing where revenues come from and expenditures go. I think citizens should look into these matters, as in the end … Continue reading

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