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Earth Mothers

Sometimes, oftentimes, the problems facing society seem so overwhelming as to make many of us lose hope.  Whether it’s anthropogenic climate change, or corporate power in our elections, or the ever widening gulf between the haves and have-nots, the problems … Continue reading

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Stewardship of Place

My mother grew up in the Great Depression on a homestead in eastern Alberta.  The values she learned there, she passed on to me: wasting things is wrong, hard work won’t hurt you, good eating is an essential part of living, … Continue reading

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Garbage Leaders

As a country, we are burying ourselves in garbage.  Each of us, on average, produces about 10 times our weight in garbage every year. The garbage we burn or bury–and sometimes both–is fouling our drinking water and choking the very … Continue reading

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What are They Thinking??

We live in a time when scientists, using supercomputers to aid analysis, and evergrowing bodies of evidence, have determined pretty definitively that global climate change is a real phenomenon, and that the anthropogenic–i.e., human-made–component is meaningful.  Furthermore, we know that … Continue reading

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