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Sustainability maven, policy wonk, former mayor of Bellingham. Believes good management looks at the complete picture, that sustainability is all about stewardship--managing resources prudently and for the long term betterment of place, of culture and of self. Believes that better, and more complete information and analysis will lead people to make better decisions in their everyday lives.

Elbridge Gerry, Elections and Unintended Consequences

Elbridge Gerry* is best known for only one of his lengthy list of accomplishments, that of ‘Gerrymandering’.* In truth, gerrymandering wasn’t even an Elbridge Gerry creation, but something he accepted reluctantly. It’s a shame, because while gerrymandering besmirches its namesake, … Continue reading

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How to Help Trump

Originally posted on George Lakoff:
Without knowing it, many Democrats, progressives and members of the news media help Donald Trump every day. The way they help him is simple: they spread his message. Think about it: every time Trump issues…

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Ten points for Democracy Activists

1 – To understand the basic issues, read “A Minority President”: 2 – Know the difference between framing and propaganda: Frames are mental structures used in thought; every thought uses… Source: Ten points for Democracy Activists

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Remembering Selma

Fifty years ago my 8th birthday was approaching. My family had moved a couple years earlier from public housing in Harlem to suburban New Jersey. Our home in New Jersey was purchased at a cheap price in large part because the … Continue reading

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Jailing is Not Green

The County Council recently had pause at the financial cost of the proposed new jail facility for Whatcom County, and are waiting for more figures to come in to determine whether we as a county can afford for it can … Continue reading

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An Early New Year’s Resolution

An Early New Year's Resolution.

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An Early New Year’s Resolution

Like many folks, I find the change of years a time to contemplate what’s happened and what I hope will come.  Inevitably reviewing the past makes me think about how I want the future to be different, which in turn leads … Continue reading

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