As a former mayor of Bellingham, Washington, I’ve long been interested in what leadership looks like, good and bad.  Current events have stirred my thinking even more, so I thought I’d try a hand at sharing my thoughts via blog postings.  I’m hoping this grows into an interesting conversation.  I intend to post several comments per week as the mood and stimuli move me.

Stay tuned!

Also, in housekeeping, photo credit for the header I’m using goes to Buff Black, a great friend and even better photographer.


2 Responses to About

  1. R Sinniger says:

    I was searching for information about Dr. L. Ashby Adams and was taken to this site. We were greatly indebted to Dr. Adams when he took care of my daughter in the late 1960’s and were talking about him the other day. He was kind and knowledgeable. I remember that he took and early retirement in order to open a clinic in the south (Carolina?) and I wondered if you had any other information about him. I will always remember this kind, patient man. R. Sinniger rks@bugjammer.com

    • Dan P says:

      I’m sorry, but I do not have any current info on what hapened to Dr. Adams after he left Princeton. I had heard he opened a clinic in North Carolina, but do not know the accuracy of that. I can say that Dr. Adams saved my life, but was low-key about it. My parents overheard him chewing out my pediatrician over the pediatricians\’s misdiagnosis that nearly killed me, but he was too much a gentleman to ever embarass someone publicly.

      I would agree, kindness and patience were hallmarks fo this kind and capable man.

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