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Elbridge Gerry, Elections and Unintended Consequences

Elbridge Gerry* is best known for only one of his lengthy list of accomplishments, that of ‘Gerrymandering’.* In truth, gerrymandering wasn’t even an Elbridge Gerry creation, but something he accepted reluctantly. It’s a shame, because while gerrymandering besmirches its namesake, … Continue reading

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How to Help Trump

Originally posted on George Lakoff:
Without knowing it, many Democrats, progressives and members of the news media help Donald Trump every day. The way they help him is simple: they spread his message. Think about it: every time Trump issues…

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Ten points for Democracy Activists

1 – To understand the basic issues, read “A Minority President”: 2 – Know the difference between framing and propaganda: Frames are mental structures used in thought; every thought uses… Source: Ten points for Democracy Activists

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