Welcome to the bona fide leadership blog

To be clear, I am not trying to self-identify here,  Rather, as a recovering mayor, leadership is often in my thoughts.  As Peter Drucker says,  “What gets measured, gets managed.”

This blog grows out of the recognition that we could frequently do better with our leadership decisions than we do—in terms of both those we choose to be our leaders, whether public, private, or non-governmental organization (NGO) sector, and in terms of the leadership decisions that are made and which we perhaps too-readily and too-often accept.  As consumers of leadership, we can choose differently; let’s measure leadership and mold it to better fit our needs and wants.

In this blog, I will post essays on issues public and private, local, national, or global, that get me thinking, and where I think a good conversation may be had.  To start with, I will leave the comments available.  If they are abused, I will resort to requiring emails, and the repost these as appropriate.  Hopefully that will be unnecessary, as I am both too lazy to wish that work on myself, and also appreciate the more robust flow of conversation and ideas offered by unfettered dialog.

Enough framing.  Thanks for joining me here; I look forward to our conversations.


About Dan Pike

Sustainability maven, policy wonk, former mayor of Bellingham. Believes good management looks at the complete picture, that sustainability is all about stewardship--managing resources prudently and for the long term betterment of place, of culture and of self. Believes that better, and more complete information and analysis will lead people to make better decisions in their everyday lives.
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